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Powering EasyNow PC - KCMONGO?

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  • Powering EasyNow PC - KCMONGO?

    I have finally received my BioStar EasyNow PC from Compgeeks (see this thread) and I'm wondering if anyone has tried powering this thrugh the car yet.
    KCMONGO: I know you were looking for a 4 pin plug like the one on the AC adapter, any luck finding something?
    To sumarize, this PC takes 12V @5A input directly onto the motherboard, the other required voltages are then generated on the motherboard (perfect for in car use!)
    If anyone has hooked one of these up, please let me know...


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    I'd try the radioshack route for the DC-DC @ 3A... if you blow the supply just return it as "Defective" (yeah I know it has a fuse) If you're not going to push the requirements (i.e. barely anything) you should be able to get away with 3A. You can prolly up the fuse just a smidgum as well to provide maybe 3.2A or so if 3A is just barely cutting it.

    However I don't know how "regulated" the DC-DC radioshack supply is, especially when you are starting the car or stuff like that. I'd investigate that first before plugging anything in.
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