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Atx Pin #14

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  • Atx Pin #14

    Ok Pin #14 is ps on... sproggy seems to disregard this pin as it does not have any connection on the sproggy power supply and I was wondering if this will work ok or if it needs a voltage or not

    im assuming that since sproggy doesnt do anything with it then it isnt really needed...

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    The reason nothing is connected to that pin is because the sproggy supply is designed to turn on when you turn your key to accessory/ignition.


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      Correct me if I'm wrong but pin 14 is power on, so what it connects to depends on what you want to use to turn your mp3 player on.

      As SupperMatty said Sproggy's design connects this to the ignition.

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        Leave pin 14 empty not needed, go here
        look at his pinout mine needed the good power signal before it would come on