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Anyone haveing probs with the relay delay circuit

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  • Anyone haveing probs with the relay delay circuit

    I build the circuit here just as listed. It worked for about a month and then i started haveing probs with it. I replaced the relay and then it worked again for a few days. Now heres what its doinging. Its not killing the power at all. And i cant figure out for the life of me how in the hell the relay is getting power. Ive shorted the cap and everything to try to get it to turn off but no such luck. Im wondering if it could be a heat related prob affecting the beta of the transistor. Anyone haveing similar probs.
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    Hmmm, sorry to hear my circuit is giving you trouble. You're saying the relay is getting power even when you disconnect the Vacc line and short the cap? Could only mean your MOSFET is stuck open (i.e. toast), try another one. Is the circuit mounted in a hot place or something? My original circuit has been working fine for over a year. Oh yeah, I did notice the 50 Ohm resistor overheating, so I bumped that up to .5 KOhm. Might as well replace it.
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