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  • New Shutdown Controller Ideas

    I'm going to design a microprocessor based shutdown controler with a bunch of features.

    I was wondering if people could post what features they would like. I am going to compile a list of features and build one that should make most people happy and be useful for lots of stuff...

    Anyway, here is what I was thinking of having.

    A setup similar to the current shutdown controller. It would have a serial interface in which you could read and write to it with a terminal program.

    Hook it up to your computer and hit the enter key in the 9600 baud terminal program

    It then spews out something like this:
    *********** ATX SHUTDOWN CONTROLLER Version bla **********
    Delay Time 1: 1000
    Delay Time 2: 2
    Delay Time 3: 100
    Stand alone mode: N
    Temperature: 36
    Relay is: Off
    Ignition is: Off


    Then there would be some kind of prompt where you could set the values for the time constants and set the thermal shutdown temperature. It would store the values so that when you unplug it, it still knows what all the values are.

    The in standalone mode it would function a lot like the current controller. In non stanalone mode, it would rely on commands from the serial interface to shutdown the computer. And you could probe temperature, probe to see if the relay is off or on, you could manually (software controled) hit the atx button etc..

    What do you think? Is this cool? what else would you want it to do? Is a temperature sensor a good idea for something like this?


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    What do you mean. Skinny Boy already has one !


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      I think it would be nice if somehow you could address the problem that, if you turn on your car /after/ the second timer begins. Like a periodic beep or some kind of notification (maybe via the serial port) that you should wait a few seconds before you turn your car back on.


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        I thinks its a great idea, and I want one yesterday.

        Would it use Windows ups/power management or a custom app? If you do write a custom app it would be nice to have XP compatibility. I like the options available in Windows, sequential actions, i.e. standby after x minutes, then hibernate or shutdown after x minutes. And thermal shutdown is a good idea, in fact I bet you could sell a bunch to the overclocker crowd too.

        Any idea what it might cost? I found this at RatShack, and although it's pricey and total overkill, it is tempting:
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          I'd think that since Jeff would be using a microcontroller for this one, rather than just simple capacitor/resistor circuits, he'd be able to make it smart enough to handle that situation gracefully. Which might just be another set of pins you can short to send another ATX pulse.
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            I'd be up for it. THat Radio Shack thing looks interesting too.



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              Well that's the thing. If he sends another atx pulse the computer will probably ignore it, because it will be in the process of shutting down. Yeah you are right though it should be easy, he could just wait until after the second timer expires and send the atx pulse (a minute after the car is back on)


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                since hes using a microprocessor he doesnt have to assume wether the pc is on or not. have an input on the controller for +5V or +12V that will tell the processor that the computer is on. So if the Car is on and the computer all of a sudden turns off then it can turn it back on... (if it was shutting down when you turned the car on).

                btw i want one asap...

                heres another suggestion:

                most of us have buttons mounted in our console or dash to turn the computer on (a pulse power switch extention) .. you could use a pulse from this to tell the controller to go into a second turn off timer...say 30 min like if youre going to the store or something and you dont want it to shut off.


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                  when can we expect this to be completed?


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                    Originally posted by Alives:
                    <STRONG>when can we expect this to be completed?</STRONG>
                    I'll start on it now. It will take a few weeks of development. Probably a month or two away.
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                      Ok, this might be a retarded question, but I don't see why all this is necessary. Using WinXP hibernate on my laptop I boot in 12 seconds and shutdown in 8. Why wouldn't this work on a car computer? It would just need a simple extension to the power button.

                      Sorry if there is something I am missing.



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                        cuz its automatic... btw with hibernate...does your parallel (character) lcd (assuming you have one) re-initialize when the computer comes off hibernation?

                        Put me down for one of these pic based controllers...whats a ballpark price for one?


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                          I'm busy coding away for this project.
                          What do you think a fair price for something like this is?

                          I think I am going to avoid surface mount parts this time so that it isn't a pain in the *** to make these things. I also think they would be easy to sell in kit form.
                          What do you think a good price for this is?

                          Right now I am planning the serial interface. It is going to run at 9600 baud. You plug it into your computer serial port and then set a jumper. You can then enter the delay times and options. you then pull the jumper and then it will run in stand alone mode.

                          The timer will count in 1/10 of a second increments. Im thinking that time till pulse should be between 0 to 9999.9 seconds. Atx pulse width will be 0 to 9.9 seconds. Time to kill will be 0 to 99.9 seconds. of course you'll never set it to zero.. but whatever. It will also have the ability to send another atx pulse if the ignition comes back on during time to Kill. THere will be a setting to enable pulse on ignition, so you dont have to play with the bios... etc..

                          I am toying with the idea of a temp sensor. It will take some more work to implement.

                          Anyway, I'll keep ya posted.
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                            you could build it with pins for upgrading...say add a daughter card for temp sensor, another daughter for blah blah..


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                              so it only uses the serial port for configuring it ? (is that hard btw?) and for general use it wont take up a serial port ?