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I want Hibernate not shutdown

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  • I want Hibernate not shutdown

    I have my carPC running off an inverter and a powerware 3105 ups to shutdown the pc, so when i turn off my car the inverter turns off, then the ups shuts down the PC then turns itself off..
    My problem is:: the software that came with the ups (Lansoft 5.05)will ONLY shutdown the PC, it won't send it into hibernation..
    I am using a slimline compaq D510 PC which does not have any serial ports (only USB) and the ups is usb only.
    Is there anyway I can force a hibernate instead of a shutdown..?

    (yes.. My PC is able to hibernate if i do it manually, and will hibernate instead of shutting down when i press the power button))
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    use a SDC instead? I have a carPC shut sown controller for sale if you are looking
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      Assuming you're using Windows, you should be able to change this in the Control Panel. If it is, The setting you want is in "Power Options". Select the "UPS" tab, then, assuming you've already told it your proper UPS, click on "Configure". In the "Critical Alarm" box, under where it says "Next, instruct the computer to:" select "Hibernate". Then, on a critical Alarm from the UPS, Windows will Hibernate rather than shut down.


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        That's not why he's unable to hibernate.
        He's unable to hibernate because he's cutting the power to the PC when he shuts off the inverter.

        No matter what you have enabled in BIOS or in Windows power settings, it's not gonna hibernate when you cut the power.
        The software he's using to shotdown the PC won't initiate a hibernate, so he's kinda SOL wityhout getting a shutdown controller.
        Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
        How about the Wiki?

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          --Edit to rewrite:

          But he should be able to change the settings on the UPS itself so it just sends, a Critical Battery Alarm, or just a signal that Windows can interpret to shut down (or, such as in this case, Hibernate), rather than just sending a "Shut Down Now" command.

          Using an inverter/UPS setup is a very inelegant and wasteful way of doing this. An Opus would be a better idea, and they're much more energy efficient than a power inverter.


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            Looking further into the Windows configuration, all the UPS really needs to do is send a "Powerfail/On Battery" signal to the PC. Windows can be configured to wait a specified number of minutes (probably 1 in this case), then Hibernate and shut down the UPS. Again, this last option depends on whether the UPS will accept a shutdown signal from the computer:

            Uncheck "Enable All Notifications" unless you really want a notification to pop up on your screen, check "Minutes on battery before critical alarm" and select 1 (or however many), select "Hibernate" as specified in my post above, and then make sure ""Finally, turn off the UPS" is checked.

            At this point, assuming the UPS supports this option (and assuming you're using Windows XP, which is what these instructions are based off), when the inverter turns off the UPS will send a Power Fail signal to the PC, which will then wait 60 seconds, Hibernate, and tell the UPS to turn itself off.


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              thanks for the replies fellas,
              thing is I can't use windows ups service because it expects the ups to be plugged into a COM port. thing is, it's a USB UPS only, and there are no serial ports on the PC.
              I am having one idea though, might try it today.
              scrap the USB cable from the inverter to the PC all together.
              connect a USB to Serial connector to the PC, rig up a fake-ups to the connector, so that when i turn off the car, the fake-ups should kick in which should in turn let windows' UPS service send the pc into hibernate..
              (I'm pretty sure the inverter turns itself off after it hasn't received any mains power for 5minutes ir so)

              You think this'll work??
              I'm calling it my last option, unless anybody else has an idea that will enable me to force a hibernation instead of a shutdown..
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                Using an inverter isn't very efficient as others have said. DC[battery]->AC[inverter]->DC[UPS]->AC[UPS's inverter]->DC[power supply] is horrible, especially when you can go DC[battery]->DC[opus or something similar].


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                  yeah I know, I'd love to go DC-DC instead of using an inverter, but the PC I'm running has a proprietary power supply, it's far from standard.
                  and I want to be able to EASILY remove the PC at any time without any probs at all.. DC-DC cables running directly to the MB would be a prob.
                  I'm not sure who I stole my avatar from, but I hope they don't mind, I figured it sums me up perfectly...... a pi$$edIdiot