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  • 250W DC_DC PSU

    anyone wanna PSU with the following spec let me know

    Voltage MAX AMPS
    +5vdc 25amps
    +12vdc 8.5amps
    +3.3vdc 14amps
    -5vdc 1amps
    -12vdc 1amps
    +5vstby 1amps

    Let me know how many people want this PSU


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    What, you can make this can you?? :P


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      depends at what cost...
      but sure I want one
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      for info on t6369c LCD or Presslab's powersupply check: <=updated!!


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        He is probably making these coz he knows how far I am with my 300wattATX.. :P


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          I'll be interested in two for myself, and most likely a third for someone else too.

          Keep us posted!
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            /ME !!

            only depends on the costs..
            If it's like 20$ cheaper than the KeyPower supply I would go for the KeyPower one, because they have waranty.
            Must be something under a 100$, if not, don't count me in.. too expensive...

            Raas - The Netherlands
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              Hey they carry a one year warranty also. but the postage to India is on you.


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                I need one, maybe two, depending upon the cost.


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                  Okay, what about physical dimensions?

                  Sure, I'm interested

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                    Might be interested.
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                      Originally posted by SkinnyBoy:
                      <STRONG>He is probably making these coz he knows how far I am with my 300wattATX.. :P</STRONG>
                      I was only Joking about that, LOL


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                        Originally posted by bgoodman:

                        I was only Joking about that, LOL</STRONG>
                        what?? :P ?????? did I miss something???


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                          Hey guys i NEVER said i made them just asked if anyone wanted it ?

                          These people make them

                          checkit out im in touch with them for the rates i belive they make it for keypower also arise .. buy it from them ..

                          So i guess we can get a good rate from them

                          But i want to know how many confirm buyers are there for this. in numbers then only i can talk to them about qty.

                          So please dont just say i want it be sure if you do cause it will help others. in this forum.


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                            Do you have a price or will you need to wait for the quantity before the price is known?

                            I have been looking for this, need this, and would like to commit to buying at least one, (maybe two) but I can't commit 100% without knowing the price.

                            If you are reticent to post the price publicly, email me at msconn1 AT yahoo DOT com.



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                              I am interested in one of these power supplies. I have been doing research on this site and MANY MANY others, looking for the perfect power supply. I need quite a bit of power, for i am running more than your standard lot of perf's. Also, i have to hook up a 12v 1-1.5A LCD, and i am still debating on a different supply for that.

                              Yes, count me in, if the price is good....
                              System in the works:
                              Celeron 850 or PIII 933, SB Live! Value into a stock 4 channel amp, ATI vid, 10.4" sharp LCD w/ allen's controller, Elo SW touchscreen overlay and controller, GPS, TV tuner, FW DVD drive, 4 port serial card, and some other stuff....

                              Loads of ideas.