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book pc power supply AC filter

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  • book pc power supply AC filter

    does anyone know how to remove the ac filter on a book pc power supply?
    thanks in advance for any help

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    use the search facility. a few of us discussed the topic only a few weeks back. I have done such a thing with great success.

    check my website as well for my PSU page.
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      hey, i used the search feature, i cant find what you are talking about, but i was thinking, even better, is there a dc-dc ps for the book pc, that would be better, but the book pc ps is strange, not sure how to make one work, or which one to use, any ideas


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        Please ! More help? ive searched, ive read, i need help, Book pc filter removal, or book pc dc-dc


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          strange, i do just one search with the word filter in the power supply forum and look what pops up instantly

          btw, al power supplies are basicly the same, just find the filter caps in your book pc supply. i know they are in em out !

          i you have further questions, just ask.

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            Oh, i got the impression from magneteks post that there was a search specifically related to the book pc ps, well, i do have some questions then, do i also need to remove the choke thingy, and also, what if i need to plug this in in the house again, is that going to be bad with no filter on the powersupply?, i guess i could solder all the components together, to make a filter to use in the house, but is that necessary?


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              i did mine last week. didn't help at all with the sound at all but i encourage you to try ( i think mine has some other problems. cheap inverter). still works fine in the house with out the filter parts, no noticable difference. I took out every thing infront of the bridge rectifier with the exception of the fuse and a few small resistors.
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