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  • Power good?

    Ive heard the term thrown around a fair bit, and even seen it in my mobo manual, but where does it come into play with Car-puters?
    I hope to get my inverter soon, is this power good thing gonna be a factor in buying my inverter? or should it be?
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    This will not be an issue with your inverter.
    Power Good is a 3.3v signal that get's sent through pin 8 of an ATX connector, or a 5v signal that is sent through pin 1 on an AT connector. The purpose is to give the motherboard a signal after the power suppply has stabilized and is able to output enough power properly.
    Some motherboards will not boot without it. However, using an inverter will not change this event if your power supply works with the motherboard already.

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      I have an additional question.

      These DC to DC power supplies, how do they interface to your mobo. Are they just like my PS in my PC case, do they have ATX harnesses on them? Or do you have to wire something up yourself?