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ATX 150 to 300 Watts DC-DC power supply

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  • ATX 150 to 300 Watts DC-DC power supply

    I don't know if these have been posted before, probably. I just was searching for a power supply that could run a full system well. Most of the homebuilt supplies I have seen on here are fairly limited in wattage.

    here is the link:

    DC-DC power supplies for 1U and 2 U rack mount cases.

    These supplies are listed as for 1U and 2U rack mount cases and have high speed fans built in and what looks like a great DC input plug. The 150 Watt is under $90. Didn't check what shipping would be. They list a 300 Watt supply but it looks like a standard case supply.

    There were no demensions for these supplies but they are bigger than some of the home made suppies I have seen on here.

    I find it funny that I have seen some great systems built into custom enclosures that are the smallest they could be but then are just mounted in an open trunk next to a power amp. If your going to work so hard to make it small find a nook to hide it in so your not dumping your luggage on your autoPC. O well, just a thought

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    Just noticed that the supplies I was talking about say this for input:

    -42v ~ -56vDC

    What the hell does that mean. Why would they want a negative DC voltage. Some help here please??????


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      While you were on to something in the begining, i do not think that an input range of -42V will be of any good. Your car will output anywhere from +10 to +14 volts, +/- 2v on start and surge. Keep looking, so will I.
      System in the works:
      Celeron 850 or PIII 933, SB Live! Value into a stock 4 channel amp, ATI vid, 10.4" sharp LCD w/ allen's controller, Elo SW touchscreen overlay and controller, GPS, TV tuner, FW DVD drive, 4 port serial card, and some other stuff....

      Loads of ideas.


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        hey checkout this site cool PSU.. upto 400watts