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Is the M1 or M2-ATX all that I'll need?

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  • Is the M1 or M2-ATX all that I'll need?


    I am getting the last of my hardware for my carputer, but I still haven't decided what to use for my PSU. I've been reading about the M1-ATX and the M2-ATX, and they have the built-in controllers. Is that all I need? Is the only difference between the M1 and M2 the power they provide? My biggest fear, as I'm sure the rest of you all have, is that my carputer will drain my battery and I'll be stranded in BFE. Anyway, any feedback would be awesome. Thanks!


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    I believe the only diff btwn the M1 and M2 is the wattage, and from I've been reading quite a few guys on here are running some decent setups with the M1, let alone a M2.

    As for the battery draining, you can configure the M2-ATX to shutoff the residual drain when the battery voltage gets too low, and it survives cranks, so i think it's all you need.
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