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M1-Atx underpowering rails?

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  • M1-Atx underpowering rails?

    I have sorted my wiring but have a prob with my m1atx

    That relay was for a mi1atx, whose sole job atm is running a hdd (laptop runs of seperate dcdc supply. I have the m1atx in dumb mode, with no jumpers (as that timed relay is controlling shutdown of psu etc.etc.) but it wont run my hard drive. (I have pins 14&15 green black shorted so it thinks the atx MB is on)

    Input is good at ~13.9v, but then the power on the rails in insufficent. With nothing hooked up, the yellow 12v line output around 8v, why would that be?

    Im gonna do some further reading, but i want to get this in tonight and cannot think what could cause it. The output for a led is outputting 6v when the car turns on, so i know the m1atx is functional, but yeah.

    Any help appreciated
    Progress 50%
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    Funny, I just encountered a similar problem this morning...

    After weeks of the M1-ATX working fine, suddenly this morning the PC wouldn't boot.

    Although, if you call yours underpowered, mine is SEVERELY underpowered! With nothing hooked up, I'm getting 4.8v on the 12v rail and 2.8v on the 5v rail!!! That's not enough to power anything.....although, when I turn it on, I can see the CPU fan start to spin, but then stop. If it give it a push, it keeps going. So there's JUST enough juice to power a fan, but nothing else.

    Let me know if you find out what your problem is....I sent an email to mini-box this morning, so I'll let you know what they say about my issue.


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      I'm getting same problem!! not checked voltages yet.. running from a transformer from house mains constant 12v so i dont that being wrong.

      turns on for a split second then turns off!

      maybe using a itx board ?


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        i just tried to power my system for the first time and have the same problem, fan comes on then off just doesnt have enough to start up, have checked the voltage off the m1-atx and it is very low also, please let me know what you hear back from them


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          Still no answer from Mini-Box....anyone else send them an email?


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            Got a reply from Mini-box....suggested that I confirm that the M1-ATX is in fact getting adequate power, otherwise looks like it's time to RMA...

            Anyone else have any luck?


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              I had exactly the same problem, mini-box told me to request RMA for it..
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              100% installed and working :D