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250 Watt ATX DC-DC PSU

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  • 250 Watt ATX DC-DC PSU


    I emailed SPS and requested info on the following power supply:

    I got the following response:

    Hi Michael,

    Thank you very much for your kindly inquiry. This is very special power supply for the special marekt. We do have customer in USA and Germany. I am not sure how many PCs you are going to order. The price detail offer from Taiwan:
    1 -3 PCs FOB Taiwan $120/ PCs
    5-10 PCs FOB Taiwan $100/ PCs

    If you have any question please feel free to contact with us.

    Kind Regards,
    B.F. Lee

    So lets see if we can get a group buy together. Since I am new to the forum, I would suggest that someone with a little more history on this site run it. So who is interested?

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    hey you had to butt in didnt you .. just couldn't wait ... !

    I was getting them to 80$ with shipping .. but no you have no time to wait....

    I hope he replys back ...


    Sorry im fumming !

    The whole thing is these people in taiwan need to be shown qty i mean running qty...

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      please no one try to get in touch with them it will spoil my ongoing deal with them ! a humble request.


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        Why didn't you just anounce the price and tell people that you were trying to get a lower one. The way you went about it sounded shady to me so I emailed for an inquiry myself. I am sure you did not mean to sound that way, I was just very curious and wanted to find out asap.


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          its ok buddy ... wat u mean by "shady"

          its ok i was waiting for response from people as i said its qty when you talk with taiwan ....

          and i wanted a 100% confirmation from them before i said anything on this forum .. so i was waiting for it !

          and i didnt mail them as a person but as a company "roshan industries" so they feel like more bussiness get it better rate kidoff running order

          [ 01-28-2002: Message edited by: mastero ]


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            I appoligize. So do you definitly have them down to $80?


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              not yet waiting for their reply .. but i want atleast 20 (Approx)confirm buyers... ! do you think this number can be fulfilled?


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                Based on your other thread it will be close. If you can confirm the $80 I think we can get it. But I'm in even at $100.


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                  buddy 80$ ex taiwan do you forget the shipping ?

                  i think it shall be better with fedex hadling the shipment faster..

                  so teh shipping charges also should be counted.....


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                    i think key power chages around 165$ for the same psu