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Kill Cigarette Lighter with ignition off

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  • Kill Cigarette Lighter with ignition off

    I've got a 96 S10 Blazer and an MP3 system running through an inverter. My problem is that once the ignition is turned off, the power to the lighter stays on, thus leaving my system on. This is fine unless I forget to turn off my system and then my battery is dead the next morning. (Yes I know I'm stupid, but it's easy to forget when you're in a hurry.) One of my friends has a car that when the ignition is turned off, the power to the cigarette lighter goes off too. Is there any easy way to make this happen in a Blazer...without screwing up my electrical system? Any help is appreciated.

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    Yes, although you'll need to run a fair bit of cabling.

    Find the wire below your dash that has +12v on it only when the ignition is on. Wire up a 12v relay (rated at about 15A or so) so that the relay comes on and off with the ignition.

    Then, take the two normally open contacts of the relay and wire the existing lighter +12v wire up to the relay.

    Simple, when the ignition is on, the relay clicks in and switches power to the lighter socket. When the ignition is off the lighter socket's power is cut.

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      Another idea -

      Most cars have a couple of empty places on the fuse block.

      Use a volt meter to find the side that turns off when the ignition is off, and wire that to the lighter socket.
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