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Power off alarm?

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  • Power off alarm?

    Would this be possible? Would be helpful for people running their systems off an inverter in the cigarette plug so there isnt a dead battery...

    Wiring something so that your car stereo makes some sort of warning beep(s) when you open your door with the system still turned on, somewhat similar to when you open the door with the lights still on in some cars..?

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    Having just had to jump start my truck the other day (I left the inverter powered up, and it is under my seat, hardwired into the distribution system for the stereo), I would definitely like to see something like this. Since mine is hardwired, I was just going to wire in a relay so that it would turn off and on with the radio. However, there are definitely times when I would use the computer alone, or want to leave it on when I turn off the truck. If you could come up with some way of tying it into the door circuit, then it should trigger the door alarm when it is open. I'll have to think about this one...


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      I actually used to have a circit for this i wired one up for my headlights belive it or not, it worked with any other power source, you had a few wires, im really tired now cant really remember what they went through, OR how i found the diagram but its somewhere online to build, cost me less then $10 to make it ( cost me more then $5 becuase i bought a case 2 cases for it( after i broke the first one) basicly, one goes to your +ignition wire, one to your +cpu or headlights wire, and one is grounded, and theres a LOUD @$$ BUZZER INSIDE and you can hear that thing a block away, with the doors shut ( yup i just wanted to see, lol) didnt even really need a case, i was just bord... it was like 2 transistors of one type, then another transistor of another type, a few resistors, a few wires, and a buzzer

      sorry i couldnt be much help then that, but try looking around for light circuts that do the same thing, just change it instead of lights, to the inverter


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        Just connect a relay to the dome light so it closes when you open the door. Use it in series with a loud buzzer that is connected to the same switched power source as your DC-DC/inverter. Now the buzzer will sound whenever you open the door and your computer is powered on.

        Sounds like a good idea.
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