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Do I really need ATX power???

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  • Do I really need ATX power???

    Is this a stupid question???

    Do I have to have ATX power for a flexATX board.

    You can get an AT DC/DC PSU from Arise Computer for $79 which will work from 8v-16v on the input - could I use this, what is the difference between AT and ATX???

    Sorry if this is an old question, I'm very new and not very techincally skilled with electronics at all.

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    I'm 99.999% sure you can't. The connector on the motherboard are totally diferent, and the power switch for each is different as well.
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      hey s2000 .. tell me the difference between the AT and ATX its the 3.3 vdc and teh 5vdc stby meaning .. if you ask

      See when you have a AT PSu you can just start the comp when you apply power to the PSu but in ATX after the power is applied to the Psu you still have to press the power on button on the board to start the PSU .. got it

      But yes you can use the AT power supply to start the ATX Board. but the only thing is that the board acts like a AT board with all the features like an AT baord. so you see wat you want there is a converter for sale on my site where you connect the AT powersupply on one side and the otherside goes to the ATX section

      Ci if it helps you...



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        AT-ATX wiring adapters can be found at any decent electronics or computer store.
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