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guru's help needed! (atx)

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  • guru's help needed! (atx)

    In my mb there is at & atx power connectors, so I wondered could I do this (and could it work?):

    Idea is that I press power switch to turn computer on. And when I turn it off, it works like atx-power. So is there any possibilities that this works?(Only reason I can think of is that atx connector in mb is disabled & ignored totally when at is used)

    That and-port is there so that pc won't turn on if there is some voltage etc. errors in mb.

    S/R is like in numlock, it turns on and off from the same button.
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    I don't get what you are trying to do. Can you go through the process step by step?
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      Yeah I'm with ya. you want to simulate an ATX button on an AT M/B. I did this with a relay, that is doing the same job as your AND gate.

      The only thing is, you don't need that flip flop, as the "ps-on" will hold the relay on (via the trani) while the machine is running, and this will drop off when you "shut down" windows thus killing the relay and DC power.

      you just use the 5V to "jab" the relay enough to hold it on while the ps-on becomes active (or until your machine lights up).... check this.
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        I wasn't sure how the atx ps-on works, but now I do!
        I'll have to try that when I get rest of the ps ready
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          BJ do you still have the diagram for how to hokk it up?