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extending wires on power inverter outlet

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  • extending wires on power inverter outlet

    I am currently trying to extend the outlet part of my inverter farther away from the main unit. (The inverter will be under my center console, but the power outlet will need to be in a place where I can use it, 12-24 inches away) My friend suggested that I use house power wire since it would be carrying 120 volts instead of just 12? Should I use that or can I use some of my left over 24 guage speaker wire

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    extension cord
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      I was thinking something where I could mount the outlet and on switch in a location on my center console and have the inverter out of the way. I am just not visualizing the extension cord.


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        oh dude they make that..i cant think of the model or name of it but my brother had one put in his jeep for his flip out tv. its a plate with the ac plug and av rcas inputs with it you can mount it in the console. the ac is an extension that goes to an inverter and the avs go into your screen or whatever. its supposed to be easy access for adding video game systems
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          That sounds pretty nice, if you remember the name of the unit let me know. I will try some searches on google.


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            I know Best Buy carries those things you are talking about Kal. Just saw one there yesterday in the car audio section

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              Nice I will head down there tomarrow.

              Also nice is the great avatars in this thread


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                Whatever you do, DONT use 24 gauge wire. Use that, and a minimal load, say..5 amps could heat up that wire enough to cause some serious issues.

                Your friend is right, you can use romex (house wire) more specifically, 14/2 (14 gauge, 2 wires). Although, that's more the ghetto way to do it.

                I would do it one of two ways:

                - Get an extension cord. Plug it in to the inverter. Go to home depot (or local hardware store) and buy an outlet. Chop off the other end of the extension cord. Connect the black wire to the hot side of the outlet, white to neutral, and green (or bare) to ground.

                - Get a spool of stranded 12 gauge wire. Open your inverter. Find the black (hot), white (neutral), and green (ground) wires. They'll be connected right to the back of the outlets on the inverter. Cut them. Connect 3 12 gauge wires to the 3 wires you cut (either by wire nuts, or butt connectors..use wires nuts if you still want to use the inverters outlets) put some electrical tape around the wire nuts..just to be safe. Now, run your 3 12 gauge wires to your new outlet.

                I forgot to mention that if you choose either the first or second way, you should buy either a plastic or metal box to house the outlet. You can pick that up at your local hardware store too. They'll have a whole variety of them..metal, plastic, nail ons, cut ins...see which one works best for you.

                The first way is definitly a bit easier. And from what it sounds like, it's probably very similar to what eskalad is talking about..except without the rca inputs. If the store bought one is least now you can save a couple bucks and do the same thing at home
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                  I just finished installing it last night. The 24 guage wire bit was a joke, I don't think I use wire that small on anything.

                  This is what I did. I went down to ace hardware and grabbed some orange extension cord wire (Pretty heavy duty, they sold it by the foot) I opened up the inverter and unsoldered the wires from the plug, I then soldered the orange wire (black, white, green wires inside) to the black white green wires on the inverter. I then cut out holes for the plug, on switch and led's in my center console. I then ran the orange wire about 10 feet to underneith my console and soldered it to the back of the plug. I ran some more wire for the switch and for the leds and soldered them too. Grounded the inverter to my frame and the 12 volt through my firewall to my battery and voila, installed power inverter.

                  The only part you see is the faceplate from the power inverter. I just took the whole thing cause it had the outlet, switch, and both led's in the plate and mounted the plate on my console. It could have looked a little nicer if I had left the face plate out, but when I was cutting my holes I accidently started too high and hit my cup holders so I had to go lower and the face plate covers it nicely.