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Best place for powersupply???

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  • Best place for powersupply???

    I just started building a case for my car pc.
    Problemis that I just can figure out where to put the M1-ATX powersupply

    Position 1= under my 5.1 soundcard(installed on a PCI -Riser)

    12V input cabels will then run right next to the sound-output connectors.Will this give any problem????

    Position 2=above my motherboard , upside down.

    ATX connector cabels willrun above the memory.

    Can someone help me find the best position for the M1-ATX.
    Gods right foot!!

    Renault Grand Espace 3.5 V6

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    I always envisioned the second option, myself. The downside becomes that, in taking it apart for work (assuming that the side the M1 is mounted to comes off), it is in two parts and power cables would need detached. The first option gives a nice layed out effect. Then the possible downside becomes interference - if it would even happen, be noticeable, or not happen in the second setup remains to be seen though.