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Question on m2-ATX 12v power

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  • Question on m2-ATX 12v power

    I'm looking at the m2-ATX as a possibility for powering my car system (even though there is *still* no 5min/30min or 5min/2hour setting). Anyway, in regards to J1 and J3... Do I understand correctly that only 1 of those two jumpers is necessary? If I plan to have the system switch ON with the ignition/key, then I only need to connect to J3, right?

    Also, is there generally a way to connect the -12V (J4) within a fusebox, or does it pretty much have to go through the firewall and directly to the battery? I'm asking specifically in regards to an '01 Acura CL, so if anyone knows about that car specifically then that would be helpful, but the question can also be approached in a more general way...


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    My assumption was always that J1 (constant 12v) is what really powered the device, and that J3 (ignition) was just for signaling. If this is wrong I hope someone will jump in and set us both straight.

    And in regard to J4 (ground), you can connect it to any ground point in the car that is at least as heavy duty as the +12V cable you power the device with. Most notably, the metal frame of the car.


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      Sounds right to me Rawson, not sure j1, 2 or 3 are exactly but ground is ground constant is to battery and ignition is a signal to a key hot
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        You can connect constant and ign to the ignition harness underneath the steering column...just get yourself a DMM and test for a constant and ign.