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  • Boot issue

    I posted a similar thread in the NEwbie forum some time ago. No resolution came from it. Everyone though it was a power issue, but it is not. Here is what I am facing:

    My PC was in my room connected to a AC-DC Convertor. It was a booster pack with a cig lighter hooked up to it.

    When I plug the PC in, the system gets power, and you can hear everything spool up, but nothing on-screen, and no BEEP for POST. I hold down the PWR button to power down, and immediatly hit it again, and boot up resumes.

    I thought this may be a power issue as cig lighter outlets are not the most reliable power sources. However, I now have the PC in my car hooked up to a Carnetix 1900 DC-DC Regulator, and the problem persists. When I start the car the power spools up, but no bootup, until I perform the above proceedure. It is not an issue with the ACPI header, since I have yet to hook that up.

    Cliff's notes: When the PC is provided power, it does not boot fully until the "hung" boot is cut via the on/off switch. I then hit the switch again, and successful boot occurs.



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    I have experienced the same thing with desktop machines. It happens when I plug the power connector back into the PC and it autostarts instantly (but hangs). My assumption has always been that the PSU needs a few seconds (more likely milliseconds) to stabilize its power before trying to take on the load of the computer. Is there any way for you to put in a short delay between power on and PC on?


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      Can you provide your full system specs?
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        Sounds to me like you have a hardware issue. Perhaps motherboard and/or BIOS.
        Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
        How about the Wiki?

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 is almost the identical PC, as far as hardware goes. any ideas? this is odd, and almost makes the PC useless since I have to manually power down, and then manually power up again... sigh



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            Hey John, I got your PM - I've never had any problems like that. You say that when you initially power up you don't even get a POST beep?

            Has this happened ever since you received the machine? Have you opened the machine and done any mods?

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              Its happened since day 1. If I supply power to it, it does it. If I leave it plugged in, it works fine. But that wont work for the Carnetix



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                I am thinking this for a solution:

                Wire up the Carnetics ACPI header to the power button.
                Set Windows to Hibernate when Power button pressed
                Have the Carnetix set to "Stanby" upon shutdown

                This SHOULD... have the computer go into Hibernation, and the Carnetix still supply power, which will hopefully solve this issue.