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Radio power -> opus 150W

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  • Radio power -> opus 150W

    Anyone have used the power that car radio gets as input power to an opus 150W ?
    This way the computer will be killed when the car get shutdown, and i dont have to pull new powercords from the battery.

    can the regular power cable handle both an opus 150W and a car radio without burning the fuse ?

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    Probably not. At 12V, 150 W (max power draw for the Opus), you are pulling 12.5 amps. Add in the power from the stereo, and you probably pulling about 20-25 amps, and most likely, the fuse is rated at 15 amps. You can check your fusebox on your car, though, and see what that particular fuse is rated at.

    Of course, you could always replace it with a fuse rated for higher current, but I wouldn't recommend that since there is a reason that rating of fuse was used for that circuit. Too much higher and the wire might not handle it.

    Good luck
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      could it just handle the Opus 150?

      Thought Process here. 150 Opus, 2 lines coming off one for a 7" LCD and the other for a laptop? no Radio. all that would be handled on the laptop end.
      Just cuase I ask questions, doesn't mean I stop looking for an answer.

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