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Weird-*** Grounding Issue

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  • Weird-*** Grounding Issue

    So, I had everything hooked up and PC was booting fine, got to show it off to my friends and all.

    Anyway, it's not working right at all now. Here's the thing:

    I have 12v constant and ground tapped into the clock's leads (12v constant/14v when engine's running). The PSU continues to get power even when the ground lead is disconnected, but only if something is plugged into the cigarette lighter that is also connected to the aux adaptor for my factory stereo. If there's nothing in the lighter, it gets no power. I notice that the plug doens't have to be in all the way, just the outer grounding contacts.

    For instance, my iPod is connected to the aux adaptor, as is my carputer. If my iPod is connected to both the stereo and the lighter, the PC gets power. If i leave the lighter plug and the audio jacks for the iPod connected, but disconnect the iPod from it's dock connector, PC gets no power.

    Or, if the lighter plug for my monitor is plugged in and the audio from the PC is plugged in, it gets power, but if I unplug the audio from the PC while monitor is plugged in, the PC gets no power.

    I'm pretty convinced it's some sort of grounding issue, most likely with the stereo or aux adaptor.

    My first guess is to disconnect everything, then run the 12v constant right to the battery (if I can find a way through the firewall) and wire the ground to the chassis. That's my next step, but I'd like to hear some ideas from you guys to see if it's something else all together.

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    It'll find ground any way it can. It works, obviously, but it's not good for it.

    Yeah, i'd say rewire the power for your system. Those clock wires aren't really designed for the load you're trying to put on it. Having a solid ground is a GOOD thing.


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      Alright... wired 12v constant right to the battery and ground to a screw on the chassis. I've got an ITPS (yeah, it sucks, right? isn't that the general consensous?) and I have the 12v switched wired to the cigarette lighter....

      still having the same problems as before.... anyone?