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64bit AMD, 1gb DDR, ATI x600... how can i power them?

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  • 64bit AMD, 1gb DDR, ATI x600... how can i power them?

    im looking into piecing together a sempron/athlon64 equiv. PC for my car. i would like to put in something that has about the same graphics as my desktop (9800XT) and with the pci-e all over the place im thinking something like an x600ish gpu...

    so now im lookin' at...

    amd 64bit processor...
    1gb ram
    ATI x600
    100gb hd
    pci to pcmcia adapter car so i can run my verizon wireless internet
    USB gps
    2 7" touchscreens off the x600

    whole reason for running 2 screens is i will have my standalone connected to the pc via usb or serial port. this way i can take advantage of the digital gauge displays it has, and can monitor all the data for not only the standalone, but my wideband controller aslo.

    is all of this feasable? the only thing is i have no idea how to power this system

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    to be honest, if you got a OPUS or something you'd have to work pretty hard to under power it, just dont power your screens off it and you'll be safe!


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      I dunno about that....
      Progress,.... that is what I keep forgetting ;)
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        You're thinking WAY overpowered for your car. There's no ned for a 64-bit CPU or PCI-E or a high-end 3D card.
        You can't play Doom3 while you're driving, and if you try I'll see you on the evening news, I'm certain.

        If you REALLY want a 64-bit CPU in your ride, look at a mobile Ath64 with 512K L2 cache. A 2700+ model has a very low power draw that could work with an Opus 150w (or other DC-DC PSU).

        konnichiwa needs to put down the bong. An Opus 150w has only 60w on available on the 12v rail. If you want any sort of a high-end system for your ride, look at teh DSATX.
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          If you are neutral towards brands on your video card, you might look at the 6600, because it has about 10W less power draw and has a bit more punch to it. It should be a little faster then your 9800XT actually, and the low profile version of it has DDR3 so you can OC the fire out of it if your powersupply will let you.

          On your CPU, look at the AMD Turion 64 MT line of chips, as they only draw 25W and give you the same performance of similarly clocked Athlon 64's (at least with single channel ram).
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            If you want a high power processor get this
            It's only 25 watts