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suggestions on what power supply to use

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  • suggestions on what power supply to use

    getting the stuff togehter for my carputer. was wondering what power supply would be best to use.

    This is what i have to far:

    7" touch screen
    Gigabyte Micro ATX with an AMD Athlon 64 3000
    W.D. 160 H/D
    Pioneer Slot DVD

    The mobo, chip and H/D i already have.

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    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      I have read that. It's very good, but what i was looking for was should i down grade the mobo and processer , or should I run it this way with a seperate battery, inverter, etc....


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        lots of people say the mtx 2 or what ever it is will run that. I wouldnt trust it personally though.
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          I would think the M2 would run that, not sure how much that particular cpu takes.

          You could always use two M2's or M2 + M1 ATX and power the screen and dvd drive seperatly.

          I don't think you will find a cheaper solution. I have been using the M1's for the last year and am very happy with them. The M2's seem to be just as good.
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            Thanks for all your help. Do you guys have a certian website you like to buy from? I'm finding alot of price difference.


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                If your Athlon 64 3000 is the newer 90nm Venice or Winchester, you will be happy to know they draw very little power and run quite cool. Something around 150w should be OK. What kind of Vid card are you running? A beefy one can put you over the limit.

                If you have an older 130nm CPU, you might be pushing your luck with a 150w PSU. If that's the case, you might look at the 220w DSATX. It costs more but can power beefy P4 3.0's so your CPU should be fine for it. Another option would be to underclock and undervolt your CPU. Reducing the voltage has the biggest effect on power and heat.
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