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Opus 120 and MTSVO-SC, wiring questions

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  • Opus 120 and MTSVO-SC, wiring questions

    I've got the MTSVO-SC motorized in-dash screen, and the Opus 120 powering an EPIA MII-12000 board. I plan to power the screen from the Opus, by way of a molex connector which I'll cut and solder an extension from the trunk to the dashboard. I have some questions regarding the wiring for my particular situation. Here are the wiring pin-outs for the PSU and screen wiring harnesses:

    OPUS 120:
    pin 1: black, GND
    pin 2: black, GND
    pin 3: red, ON/OFF or ACC
    pin 4: yellow, Battery +
    pin 5: yellow, Battery +
    pin 6: blue, Remote On/OFF

    MTSVO-SC screen:
    pin 1: orange, Remote
    pin 2: blue, Reverse
    pin 3: black, GND
    pin 4: red, ACC ON
    pin 5: green, Park
    pin 6: yellow, +12V

    1. For the Opus, do both pins 1 & 2 get grounded to the chassis? Why two separate wires?

    2. For the Opus, do both pins 4 & 5 get connected to the battery + terminal? Why two separate wires?

    3. For the Opus, pin 3 goes to the ACC terminal in the under-dash powertap?

    4. Can pin 6 on the Opus be connected to pin 1 on the MTSVO-SC to give the screen the start signal when the system starts via the Opus? The little pamphlet that came with the Opus shows a diagram with pin 6 being connected to the ON/OFF of an external LCD, so I'm not quite sure if Opus pin 6 goes to MTSVO pin 1 or MTSVO pin 4 or neither.

    5. For the MTSVO, pin 2 gets sealed off if I'm not using a reverse cam?

    6. For the MTSVO, pin 3 gets grounded to the chassis?

    7. For the MTSVO, what does pin 4 get connected to, if anything?

    8. For the MTSVO, pin 5 gets grounded to the chassis to enable the screen to operate when the car is in Drive?

    9. For the MTSVO, pin 6 gets the extended wire from the Opus' molex connector, so the screen gets regulated power via the Opus?

    The ones I'm not quite sure about are points 4 and 7, and/or:
    Opus pin 6
    MTSVO pin 1
    MTSVO pin 4

    Can you guys help out, skim through points 1-9 and let me know if they're good or if anything looks wrong?

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