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Only shuts down somtimes ?

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  • Only shuts down somtimes ?

    Using 150watt opus supply with the relay and 3 diodes to turn off usb power mod.This works fine but the idea of this power supply/shutdown controller is to shutdown you pc when you switch off the ignition.
    It will always come on ok but have found it does not always shut down, but if i shut down frodo first its ok. Is this because frodo or any other front end program is still running. If so whats the point of it trying to shut down itself if you have to cancel programs running anyway.

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    Isolate the problem. Is it related to the PSU or the software.
    Mount a regular PSU and shut it down with the power button. Does it shut down and start up right everytime? If so, it's not the software. Try it and see.
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