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Usb hub power source?

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  • Usb hub power source?

    What are people using for usb hub power source? I have a powered 2.0 hub upfront and a pcmcia usb/firewire card that has a ac adapter as well. I am using a fair amount of power hungry devices so I need the power (my sound card won't run off the hub unless its powered. Last year I used a power inverter and the ac adapter, but every time I had to crank for whatever reason I would royally screw up my system.

    The hub wants I think 5 volts and the adapter has 10 - 13 I think on its adapter... sorta strange. I will also have an external media drive which runs off of 12 volt so I was thinking of a 12 volt conditioned supply and using it for the adapter too, but what about 5 volt... a point of load?

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    5v line from a HDD power connector on the PSU.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      unfortunately I have a laptop


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        Another Solution...

        I'm using this 5V regulator from Radio Shack to power my:
        • Hub
        • DVD-Rom
        • Touchscreen
        • USB Camera
        • GPS Receiver
        Keep in mind, though, that it only handles 1A (x 5V = 5W) at most... So don't overload it.
        Put it on a heatsink or screw it into something metal.
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          holy crap... thats alot of stuff on that rig. I built a supply for my liquid cooling system using those and a 12 volt one, but they are rated 1 amp... my hub alone is rated 2.5 amps... then my media drive is rated at 3.5 I think... thats alot of them... I decided I would probably overheat them in the summer and start loosing devices which is worse then dealing with the power inverter.

          thoughts on my calculations? They way off?


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