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The BjBlaster CarPuter System - anyone heard of it!

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  • The BjBlaster CarPuter System - anyone heard of it!

    I was wondering if anyone has tryed his powersupply, i spent alot of time looking for the parts and the time to build this dc-dc powersupply to be disappointed that it didn't, all the voltages are there but when I hook it up to a mobo it powers up fine its just doesn't seem to be enough power to spin up a hard drive
    I built this before I know about the forum and also Sproggys power supply so if it comes down to it I'll just build his because I've read so many good things about it!

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    Cool, I wonder if he knows or belongs to this forum.

    I think his VB program to load playlists is good.
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      Beau Walker is a member here... his member name is BJ. he is quick to answer emails, but doesnt frequent this BBS as much as he would like...
      Project - GAME OVER :(


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        I emailed him many times but i think i got an error back from the server hes also from Australia so i think that might be one reason i had trouble finding the same parts!


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          He is very good. I have built and use his shut-down controler.