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Opus Problem - 3 blinks

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  • Opus Problem - 3 blinks

    Hello All.

    I have a problem with my new Opus 150W and my computer. I am using a computer that is used as a set-top box for custom applications. It functions just like a normal computer, just in a compact size. The original power supply that is built into this set-top box has an usual connector. It is a 12 pin molex that connects to the motherboard. After testing each lead and using the coloring chart provided by Bluemax I have conculded that below shows the correct wiring of the 12 molex:

    I have desoldered a 20pin (male) ATX molex from an old board and made a custom cable for my application. Below is a picture:

    After hooking this up to my computer and the Opus power supply, (and of course tying into the turn-on leads on the computer) I am receiving a signal of three blinks. After approx 5 seconds after power is applied to the Opus, it powers on the computer for about 1 second and then shuts it off and gives the 3 blinks.

    I tested the Opus with a "normal" ATX motherboard and it appears to work just fine.

    I have read that the 3 blinks means that there is a voltage overload or short. I don't quite understand how this can be because I am not powering anything over the 4 pin accessory lines and the setup works fine with a AC ATX power supply.

    Any ideas?! I'm new to this so please be gentle.

    Here are two pictures to show how the power supply connects to the computer:

    I appreciate any help that can be provided. Thank you.

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    Did you ever consider that the Opus isn't compatible with your non-ATX compliant 12-pin motherboard connector?
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      Yes, I have considered that....but why? The standard ATX connector has many of the same voltages coming across different wires. This computer doesn't need all of the wires. It is basically a stripped down ATX connector minus:
      • 3 grounds (black)
        2 +3.3V (orange)
        1 +5V (red)
        1 -12V (blue)
        1 -5V (white)

      It is not a case that power supply needs these voltages, it puts them out instead. If it needed them, then I would understand the incompatibility.

      However, I do know of loads and voltage with that in mind, does anyone know what pins I need a load on so that the supply is happy? (if that is where the problem is lying)

      Again, normal ATX power supplies work with my setup. The Opus is the only one that is being finicky.

      Thank you for any help.


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        The Opus power supply is designed to work with an ATX-compliant motherboard.
        If the board you're trying to use isn't ATX-compliant, then it probably isn't going to work, plain and simple.

        Why isn't it working? I can't say for certain, but I'm willing to bet it has to do with the lack of the -12v line.

        Duid you try contacting Opus Solutions for an answer?
        Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
        How about the Wiki?

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          Might not have anything to do with it, but since you said you desoldered the ATX connectors from an old supply and made a custom cable, did you check to make sure that none of your connections at the 24-pin connector are touching one another? That could be creating a short... Just something to check and rule out...

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            DarquePervert: I have just sent an email to Opus with a detailed explination of what I have done and what is happening. Hopefully, I will hear something from them. *crosses fingers*

            01black_ac: Thank you for your suggestion. However, i have verified that there is no short in the cable and that every connection is made. (no bad solder joints)

            I am currently using my cable with an AC ATX power supply to install everything I need into the I'm not in a huge rush. But I think this is a problem that can be resolved if Opus is of any help...its just a matter of finding the right person to talk to.



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              OK: Update. I just kinda halfway sorta got my Opus to work. I gave a wild chance at thinking that pin 1 (the orange +3.3) needed to have the draw instead of pin 11 so i resoldered. I got life from the PS after that.

              It now will power the computer after initially receiving the main power in (red and black wires). I can then turn off the computer...everything still looks good. It is blinking once every 5 seconds, just like it should be. However once I hook up that ignition wire (the yellow one) I recieve 2 blinks from the Opus.

              So, I have reversed the power-on connector and am still experiencing the same problem.

              Ugh, if its not one problem, its another. But I feel confident that I am making headway.

              Anybody else have suggestions to cure the 2 blink woes of the Opus? Thanks.


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                Try reversing the polarity on the green-white lead. That solved my 2 blink issue.


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                  Hello Zigi,

                  I appreciate your advice. However, this has been done many times. But good news is that Opus said send in the unit and MB. All I have to pay for is shipping to them so that's good. The tech thinks they can get it working properly.

                  Thanks to everyone's help. I will advise as soon as I get my unit back from them what the issue is.