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Mobo or PSU?

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  • Mobo or PSU?

    I tested my m2-atx w/M2 10000 mobo inside and the cpu fan turned on but the mobo did not post. I then tried a regular atx psu and it did the same thing. im guessing that it is my mobo or maybe something is not hooked up right. Its a 500w power supply that i tried this with. Should i plug it in the car and try that to or is that a waste of time?

    I bought this item as a package deal from If the mobo or psu is bad can i still get a new one. i do not have any papers for either the mobo or psu? Thanks in advance for your help.
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    I would suspect the MB.

    Do you 'know' the other PS is good? If so, check all the connections, re-seat the RAM and try the desktop PS again.

    Still no luck it would seem to be the MB.
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      same thing

      i had the same thing happen to me after my m2 blew the 5 volt rail. so i thought it was the motherboard i had, i bought a new motherboard, got a new m2, hooked everything back up and....still no post, but the good news, the fans still spun! Anyway, i just got so fed up with it i started new with a laptop...if anyone knows what could be doing this let me know too.