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M2-ATX amp turn on @3.6V, can I use my 12v Ignition line?

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  • M2-ATX amp turn on @3.6V, can I use my 12v Ignition line?

    So I did some searching on the M2-ATX problem with the amp turn on not getting enough volts, and it seemed that the suggestion is to use a relay. The post said if you had a 5v amp turn on output, well mine is lower at 3.6v.

    My question is, since I already have a 12v ignition line going to my M2-ATX, can I just use that line as well to splice into my amp turn on? (not into the CarPC am p turn on, but into the amp turn on line that runs to my amp, and equalizer)

    I don't see why I can't, so please, if it wont work tell me before I fry something


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    Yeah, that will work fine. You'll have some turn on thump that you may not have otherwise, and your amps/eq/xover will be on whenever the key is on (they will not be controlled by your source, which is your carputer, I assume) but you won't damage anything. The remote line is just an unregulated 12V source that tells the amps and stuff to turn on.


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      Ok, so you confirmed what I thought. I am curious though, if its the same voltage as the the amp turn on signal should be, why would it thump?


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        The thump happens because the amp is on when the PC is booting up. Boot up your computer with normal speakers or headphones plugged in - you can hear a small thump when the computer initializes the sound card. The amp turn on lead on the M2-ATX is there, not because it's specialized in turning on amps, but simply because it waits a certain period of time to turn on the amp after the PC is switched on. This way your amp is not enabled until after your PC initializes the sound card.