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    I have an Alienware M7700 Laptop computer that eats a boat load of power. I have purchased several power inverters in an attempt to utilize my computer in my car for GPS functionality. My latest purchase was a 400 Watt Vector (800 peak) in an attempt to get the computer running. That didn't work either. It will charge the laptop with the cover closed but isn't giving it enough power to run off the inverter. I have tried this with a fully charged laptop battery and doesnít seem to make a difference.

    According to my AC adapter (huge), it indicates the following:

    Input: 100-240v - 50-60Hz, 3A
    Output: 20V - 11A

    I donít know anything about electricity (other than not sticking stuff into outlets) but am guessing that the problem not the wattage, but the volts. I would really like to stay with an option using a cigarette lighter adapter and would like to avoid a hard wired solution. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!!

    Thanks in advance!!


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    220 Watts is what I figured as well....Thatís why I am assuming that the problem I am having is with the volts. I just purchased a DC to DC converter for this computer. I understand that they are more efficient, hopefully that will take care of my problem.

    Thanks for the quick post!! If anybody has any ideas, I would love to hear them!


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      the obvious question is how is the inverter getting its power, if it is via cigarette lighter socket then the voltage drop on the vehicles wiring to the socket is likely the culprit. I found that one out by experience. Try hooking the inverter direct to the battery and see if the problem goes away. If so then you just need to run some reasonably sized (meaning as heavy as the wiring that came with the inverter or better) direct to the battery.

      if you need more help just drop back and let us know


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        You were exactly correct, I ran the inverter directly to the battery and it works like a champ! I also got in the DC to DC power supply for the computer today and have the same problem with it. It will run for about 10 seconds and then shuts down after a clicking noise inside the box (sounds like a relay). Runs a little longer than the inverter did but that doesnít help my problem.

        The company I purchased the DC to DC power cord through has been awesome ( I called them up and advised them that the cable was correct for the connection to the back of my computer and relayed the problem I was experiencing was. She contacted someone in their technical department and had them call me back. They found another auto adapter that should be able to handle the power requirements of my computer and are shipping it out.

        I am now wondering if that isn't going to work due to the voltage drop going through all the wiring like you said. I would still like to have the ability to move the unit from car to car but I am glad to know at least it will work by connecting it directly to the battery.

        Thanks again Phreak for your assistance!!


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          you can have your cake and eat it too. You could wire in an aftermarket cigarette lighter jack using heavier wire direct to the battery to maintain your removability. There are heavy duty cig jacks available up to around 30amp capacity. So you could just run some suitable cabling to the battery (please include fusing as appropriate) to the cig jack and be all set. I had that in my old vehicle and it worked quite well. dont hesitate to pop in here if you need some fill.