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Carnetix CNX-P5V Question

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  • Carnetix CNX-P5V Question

    Hi Guys,
    I've got 2 CNX-P5V's and I was wondering what you thought was the best way to wire them up?

    Let me set the scene...
    Ive got a battery in my boot running split charge off the one in the front, This powers my laptop.
    I have 2x USB hubs plugged into the laptop, One in the dash, one with the laptop.
    I want it to turn on at the flick of a switch, not anything to do with the ignition.

    Can I do it like this...

    I apologise for the crapness of my picture. (Im on my pc and Omnigraffle is on my mac)
    (The terminal block puts all 4 wires together by the way)

    Any replies would be glady accepted! I've done it like above and I'm not sure its working properly or at all. (I've been sitting in my car for about 11 hours so I may have done something wrong.)

    Found a pic I took earlier:

    Should the Black wire from the Black/Green pair go to ground? Hmmm I may have to take the dashboard off again

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    edit - sorted now.


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      Sorry to drag up an old thread, but did you manage to work it through all those cables in one switch?