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  • M1 - No 5 Volt

    I just finished building my carputer for my MR2 Turbo. I hacked away at running the wires for the stereo and carputer for 2 days and finally hook everything only to have....NO BOOT.

    The CPU fan spins as I have read as being a common a problem with the M series PSU's. I also noticed that my hard drive didn't spin up either, so I began to question the 5 Volt rail. I took a multimeter to the connector, the 3.3's tested perfect as well as the 12. I only got .7 on all the 5v lines.

    I also tested the wires going to the M1. 13 V cold on my constant, 12.8 on my IGN when switched, and a good ground. The mobo boots on the bench with no problems.

    My question is can I replace some parts on the M1 to fix it? Or do I need to spend another 100 $ on a new one? I did buy this from MP3Car, but it was almost a year ago when I started buying the pieces to build the carputer.

    Pictures would be very helpful when explaining. Thanks!