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Need Wiring Help ASAP THANKS!

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  • Need Wiring Help ASAP THANKS!

    i'm using this switch to ground my avelectronics nav lite unit (for testing purposes of course)

    I dont' understand where the resistor goes and how the led light is going to get power.

    anyone with good wiring skills help me out?

    1. I run the ground wire into the input.
    2. I have another wire coming out of the output. This switches the ground on or off therefore switching the unit either on or off.

    Then what?

    I understand what a resistor does, but how does the led get power? Like Do I bring a +12 v in here somewhere, then hoook it up to the resistor then the resistor to the led power? also how does the led ground get grounded? what is the jumper wire thingy?

    Help. I need to install this asap. Thanks!

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