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question about starting up, a couple min after turning off

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  • question about starting up, a couple min after turning off

    ok so i have my m2 (with a via epia m10000) set to turn off after 2 hours (the recomended setting)

    and so ill turn on my comp for the first time, itll run, i turn the car off, the computer shuts down completly, so if i wanna run the comp a min later or right after i shut down i have to go through the WHOOOOOLe boot process again

    isnt it suppose like leave it connected and then shut down after 2 hours?

    am i suppose to change a setting in centrafuse? It has settings but i just kept it on nothing

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    Um, what are you doing exactly? Do you have the M2 hooked up to the power header on the motherboard? Did you set windows so when the power button is pressed it will suspend or hibernate instead of turn off? Does the M2 turn OFF completely when you turn off the switch? If so that's your wiring to the M2.

    Need more info.


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      ok well in centrafuse i have the thing set to shutdown, so i guess thats the problem, if i have it set to stand by (all though it goes to a black screena nd fuks in it) itll go to stand by but it SHOULD shut down in 2 hours, cuz thats how i set it on the power supply itself right?


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        The "hard off" setting in the power supply doesn't have anything to do with Windows or the shut down process. What happens is the power supply pushes the mobo's switch when your car turns off (its up to your windows config what this does, i.e. standby, shutdown, or hibernate) but the power supply continues to provide as much power as it's asked for. If your computer shuts off normally, it won't use very much power except potentially for USB devices and such. After two hours, though, the power supply completely kills power no matter what your PC is doing.

        It's a safety feature designed to keep you from killing your battery. If it worked like a normal ATX power supply, then if your PC locked up after you turned your car off and left, it would never shut down, and when you come back to your car the next morning your battery would be toast. (actually it'd be down to 11V - another safety feature) It's not a multi-stage shutdown process. If you have your computer go to standby then it will draw a little power for 2 hours until the M2 shuts off - that would be like pulling the plug while your computer is on without letting it shut down first.

        If you want to have more control over your carPC for short breaks (car is off for only 2 minutes, want to keep the PC on) then see this thread. Post #8 sums it up.


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          Also, none of the settings in Centrafuse will help you. The setting in centrafuse is simply what it will make the computer to do if you click on the 'exit' button on the home screen. It will not automatically do anything when you turn off your car.