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  • Capacitor Problems...?

    Hey all, looking for some help with my carputer having problems booting when connected with my stereo as well. I have a 2002 Ford Explorer, in which I'm running a M2-ATX powering a M10000, and a 3 Farad capacitor running an Audiobahn 2400 W amplifier. When the computer is connected without the stereo, everything is'll run stable for days on end. However, when the capacitor and amp are connected, the computer will flicker about 5 times or so, and occasionally boot, but when it boots, it'll only work for a maximum of two minutes before restarting and flickering again.

    I have 0 gauge running thoughout, except I have 12 gauge to and from the computer. Power is running to a distribution block where the power lines split. However, I have the ground for the computer tied with the ground of the capacitor, due to lack of multiple grounding spots. Could a different ground help this situation at all? Any help would be greatly appreciated, and if more information is needed, just state so and I'll gladly give up what you need.

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    take a meter and measure voltage between gnd on the pc (outer connector of soundcard, it is pci right?) and gnd on the outer of the rca lead sockets on the amp, if its above 0.2v you have an issue, and need 'ground loop isolation'
    Lez, more widely known as flez1966


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      Also knowing where the computer is hooked up in relation to your capacitor and amp would be helpful.


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        re: lez, Jahntassa

        Right now my computer is in my house, i'm trying to verfiy absolutely that it is stable running on a stable voltage, but that's sounds like a good idea. If i would need ground loop isolation, would those cheap ground loop isolators that connect on the rca line work?

        Attached is a crappy jpeg i quickly made kind of showing where everything is located. Hope it helps.

        Thanks again for your help!
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          well I can see no problem, but some things are strange!

          When I first set my system up with a standard psu and an inverter and a 4channel amp, it buzzed its t!ts off.

          Problem was in the AC section, the case of the inverter is connected to ground. The case of the pc is ground, the case of the amplifier is ground.

          Removing the ground wire from the inverter case solved it..........
          Lez, more widely known as flez1966


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            Where'd you ground the M2 in that? Same place as the Cap / amp?


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              that would be what the diag. says...

              what does your ground look like? what size screw, etc.
              does your audio system work fine with out the computer?

              kinda sounds like the computer isnt getting enough power because the ground maybe too small, not enough surface area of contanct, etc.
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                Yeah, the M2 is grounded at the same place with the amp and cap. I have both the amp and computer grounded at the ground of the cap, and then 0 gauge running about 3-4 feet to ground. The ground is a double screw plate that is screwed into the sheet metal of the car, with the area where the plate contacts brushed clean of paint.

                As for the stereo, yes, everything works fine with or without the computer installed, only the computer has seen any negative performance...well, no performace basically.

                Once again, thanks!


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                  My car had a 'design feature' that the rear of the car, is not the same ground as the front of the car........

                  When my car was originally sold as a series 1, within months of ownership your backlights would fail.......

                  It also had 'multipoint' ground tags, where a group of grounds came together and plugged into a ground strip, and then that group ran to ground, so if the 'last bit of the chain' broke, 5 or 6 items could lose their grounds and lead to all sorts of errors....

                  The 'upgrade' was a thick cable from floor of trunk to front of car, and all earth wires to be fitted with tags and bolted to the chassis.

                  Problem was while dealers saw the problems, the parent company would not accept that their flagship model had /any/ faults, and so for about a year nothing was done, while the cars where quing to go back to dealers for faults.

                  common faults where no rear lights, phantom bulb failure warnings, not getting real bulb failure warings, suspension sticking in sports mode, loss of front lights, loss of radiator fans...

                  That car never sold, and to this day stories exist about what a dog of a car it is, all of which are not true if its grounded right.

                  Just a thought..........
                  Lez, more widely known as flez1966