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OPUS 150 voltage tolerances

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  • OPUS 150 voltage tolerances

    The power supply I have is the OPUS 150 and it is 1 year old.
    It has never been overloaded, and right now it pulls about 14 - 20 watts total

    I would like to know what everyone's voltages are across your rails, if you have ever measured them or checked them with your voltage monitor software that came with your motherboard. I have listed the main rails below:

    +12v (Opus states voltage should be 11.76v - 12.24v, 2% tolerance)
    +5v (Opus states voltage should be 4.9v - 5.1v, 2% tolerance)
    +3.3v (Opus states voltage should be 3.234v - 3.366v, 2% tolerance)
    -12v (Opus states voltage should be 10.8v - 13.2v, 10% tolerance)
    -5v (Opus does not state tolerance)

    The reason I ask is that my tolerances are around the +5% range on the positive rails, which is out of opus specs. Now the ATX spec. says that all motherboards need to be designed to handle + or - 5% on the +12v, +5v, +3.3v and + or - 10% for -12v, -5v.

    Another side note that I am curious about is there is a high-pitched sound coming from the PS (it is very faint, you have to put your ear up to the power supply and there can be no background noise to hear it). Not sure if anyone has experienced this or looked for this?

    I am basically wondering if there is something wrong with my PS or if this is normal operation.

    I called Opus and they said that they tend to set the voltages higher to compensate for voltage drop of the wiring etc. Also, that the high pitched sound happens when the 12v rail is under loaded ( not sure about that one)

    Please post your experiences and esp. your voltage values.
    I appreciate the input.