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04 civic fuse box

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  • 04 civic fuse box

    ok. i've searched to no avail..... help would be appreciated.

    i'm looking to wire into my fuse box with to get my +12V and i need it to turn off with the ignition so i'm not drawing off the battery when the car is not running. i tested the empty fuse spots and they are all hot when the car is off..... anybody know which fuses are not?

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    auto parts shops have a little fuse extender divice which enables you to add in wire that needs power...I can't remember what it's called....anyone?


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      blade fuse taps. i got some. not sure which fuse to tap into tho. guess i'll try them all tomorrow before work.


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        yeah that's it...That's what I did with my civic....just tested each one till I got the one that powered all the way through crank....


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          here you go, your best bet is to get a multimeter, go to radioshack and you can pick 1 up for $20 they are a real life saver. Just test which fuses are getting power when the car is on and when the car is off make sure the fuse isnt getting power...

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            try this:

            It's the fuseblocks from I just ordered the 7 circuit one for my truck. That way there are fuses for future accessories and you can safely give them there own fuse wihout worrying about voltage spikes and shorts if you fuse share.