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Another Opus issue...

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  • Another Opus issue...

    hi guys, my first post, and its (another) Opus question.

    I know this has been touched on before, but Ive searched and not found the Answer...

    I have an Opus 150w PSU, and its this 11v shutdown thing again.

    I have a VW T3 (Vanagon if youre in the States) which has 2 standard batteries fitted from the factory with a simple relay split charge system.
    I have my carputer connected to my second battery which once the ignition is off is isolated from the main battery. It will be replaced with a deep cycle battery in due course, but my problem is that the opus shuts off at 11v which means I get maybe 30 minutes before shutdown once the engine is off.
    Once I have a deep cycle battery in there I have no issues with flattening the battery completely, so my question is....

    Is there any way I can fool the opus into believing it has 12v when it doesnt? Is it maybe possible to isolate the shutdown circuit from the rest of the PSU and give it a 12v feed from the starter battery?

    Or should i go for a different PSU? Any suggestions? I like the opus, but I need more than 30 minutes carputer when the engine is off. The PC functions as my Audio , TV, and DVD player for camping trips and long journeys...