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wich is better for me "ac to dc or dc to dc"

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  • wich is better for me "ac to dc or dc to dc"

    ok here is my question

    thinking on starting my carpc.
    the cpu wil be something like this
    pentium 3 or similar
    256 ram
    40gb harddrive
    sound card
    more or lest

    I been reading alot about dc to dc converters and every body is saying that is the best. but ac to dc converters cost lest money.
    other issue with this is that here in Panama my home town I can not find a dc to dc comverter to my pc. I know I can get it on line but the shipment will make it even more expensive that all ready is.

    so my question. what is the good and bad of using a ac to dc converters

    or can any want point me to a url in thi forum that talk about this

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    You should search the forums. The pros and cons of each have been discussed at length many, many times.

    Here's an excellent starting point for you:
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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