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  • Was thinking the other day...

    Well, I ran across an individual who has a bunch of screens for sale... he is selling them dirt cheap as he needs money, I happen to be looking for LCD screens and believe I will pick them up to go along with my carPC project. I am going to have a 10.4" in the dash not sure how much Watts this will be pulling yet still don't have it, but once everything is done it would seem to be a total of around 8 or so screens... I know my M2-ATX can't possibly power all of those and the computer with it's peripherals. So this is what I was thinking of doing, I'm not sure if I could or should do this, but I was thinking about getting a second M2-atx power supply and hooking it up to a spare spot on a power distro block and then short pin 14 on the ATX connect to have the PSU power up and just use the Molex connectors off that seperate power supply to power my monitors, I don't know how much each monitor will pull as I don't have the monitors yet and he doesn't know, so I will have to hook them up and test them with my multi-meter... But would this type of logic work or is this going to cause some serious problems for me? I am also going to be running a 4channel amp powering the interior speakers... and a 2 channel amp power subs in the trunk... but those will be on their own power connections as well from the power distro block... except the IGN wires of course... Hope using two M2-ATX power supplies works in this manner so I could grab these screens and figure out where I would put them all... But at $45 a piece there is no way I could go wrong... Thanks in advance for the help...