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  • OPUS question

    I'm a newb at this and had a quick question. I just got my carputer set up but I want to run it in my house until everything is configured correctly. I have the OPUS 150W power supply. I guess the guy before me had it wired directly into his car through his 12volt constant, ignition and a ground so there is no end plug, just loose wires.

    Is there any way for me to wire it up in the house. Can I tap into an extra HD power plug coming off my full sized computer power supply?

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    uhh, unless im wrong, there never was an end plug, those are made for being in the car

    edit: n/m, if its the same as then it does have a connector, although i have no clue what the male end of that plug would look like

    but yeah, most people would just use a normal full size power supply instead of ur opus, im not sure, but i wouldnt try cutting off one of the 12v rails, that just doesnt make sense to me for some reason


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      well, my full size power supply for my computer is a 660 Watt power supply. Should I worry about too much power or does the ATX plug regulate the amount of power going to the motherboard?


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        as far as i know, thats what your power supply is capable of putting out

        so the amount of things you can connect to it is 660watt, as long as its a 12v power supply, as far as i know, it will only take whatever wattage the mobo is (for example 80 watts), leaving you with 580 watts for drives/fans/whatevers

        but still 12v, so as far as i know it doesnt matter

        better make sure of that though, i dont want to be the cause of anything failing, lol

        edit: this^ post doesnt make sense, lol

        660 watts is the total amount of power the PSU is capable of outputting, anything attached to the mobo will draw a certain amount of wattage, for example if your mobo runs at 80watts, that leaves you with 580 watts, it will still only output the 12v to the mobo, which is what the mobo needs, so no, you shouldnt have any problems connecting that power supply to ur mobo


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          appreciate the help. im going to try it with an older PS that i have laying around. i'll let you know what happens.