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Any luck with Micro ATX?

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  • Any luck with Micro ATX?

    Whats going on Everyone? After a few searches I still canít come up with a solution. I have a foxconn micro ATX Pentium 4 Motherboard, I wanted to buy the opus 150 watt Power supply but Iím not sure if it will power my computer. When searching I saw that some peoples computer will not boot up with this unit, has anyone had experience with this? I was also looking at the carnetix P1900 this one says ďdesigned to power larger systems that demand higher power, such as P4-based motherboards (ie Insight P4 ITX) with full sized hard drives.Ē I do have a full sized hard drive, but my p4 isnít an ITX its micro ATX. Has any one had success with a full sized Mobo and the carnetix or opus. Thanks for your help.

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    well after more searching this was found so this pretty much answers my own question. But if any of you guys run a micro atx board off one of theses i still would like to know hows it working out for you.


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      MicroATX is just a formfactor.
      The real determination for power draw is the CPU and components.
      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
      How about the Wiki?

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        I have a PC power and cooling DC-DC unit running a mATX board. Here is the paert DP was refering to: I have a different CPU that uses a ton less power than any P4... it also does a lot less work
        D201GLY2, DC-DC power, 3.5 inch SATA

        Yes, you should search... and Yes, It has been covered before!

        Read the FAQ!


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          my opus 150 runs pretty much everything in my sig, including the screen. Full size optical and hard drive as well. as already pointed out, it really the processor that eats the power.

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            Thanks for your help guys, My cpu is a p4 1.7Ghz, the opus still wont have enough juice to power it. I might have to shoot for zootjeffs powersupply, thanks for the input guys.


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              just check the power consumption of the p4 1.7.. i think those need a lot of juice.. you can still run it with another psu, more capable of outputing 12v rail. like keypower, dsatx etc.. i run a mAtx with a sempron 64 2800+ full size dvd rom, 2.5" 60 GB hard disk. cinergy 600, Gps, onboard sound and VGA and LAN, keyboard, four 8" Fans... I calculated all this to about 200 watt.. I had no choice but keypower(which has no start up or shut down controler) or wait for the new opus 250 (not yet out) or buy the DSATX, which I did yesterday.. everything runs perfectly with that.