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Travla AC/DC power supply cable

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  • Travla AC/DC power supply cable

    Well, crud. I'm about ready to wire up my CNX-P1900 power supply to my Travla C137 case, I've decided to cut the AC/DC power supply cable and put Anderson PowerPole connectors on both ends of the cut as well as on the DC out from the P1900 so I can swap the nifty little power connector with the green LED between the DC and AC power supplies. So I chop the cable, look at it expecting to see two power lines, and instead I see...coaxial cable. Yes, that's right, some engineer decided to use freaking coax for DC power transmission.


    So, now I have no AC power supply for my car PC, and I still don't have an appropriate connector to plug into the P1900.

    Any thoughts? A new AC power supply is $43 from caseoutlet, the power supply has no screw holes so soldering a new cable is apparently out of the question...why oh why didn't I buy the $5 power cable kit.
    System status: in progress

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    Ok, after looking at it a bit more, I'm going to strip it way back, untwist the braid, gather it together, and crimp it like a regular cable. But for anyone else thinking of doing what I've done, beware!
    System status: in progress