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capasitor? yes or now on laptop or cpu?

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  • capasitor? yes or now on laptop or cpu?

    szenario 1:
    A desktop cpu. If I hook up a power converter in my car and plug my cpu up on it. do i have to put a capasitor in? even if I set my cpu up with fastboot, so that it shuts down or boot up in 2 sec?

    A Laptop. Since the laptop has a battery i don't have to worry about capasitor right?

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    The idea of a capacitor is just plain stupid in either scenario. You obviously don't seem to understand the function of the capacitor, or you'd realize that it's pointless for the type of installation you're contemplating.

    My suggestion is to start reading here:

    Then do some more reading here:

    I want to know how you're getting your desktop to boot in 2 sec, though. Most PCs take at least twice that long to POST. Are you using hibernation or standby mode?
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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