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Hungary, with or without Carputer? (the Inverter story)

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  • Hungary, with or without Carputer? (the Inverter story)

    Hi all,

    Tomorrow i'll be leaving to Hungary. I'm going to the Sziget festival 2006. My plan was to start installing the Carputer when I got back from Hungary.
    Unfortunately the touchscreen came in early and therefor i couldn't resist to try and install the carputer before we leave.

    There was only one problem, I didn't had a PSU yet. Ordering would cost a couple of days so I decided to get me a Inverter. Just a cheap one who would be just sufficient enough for my P3 DELL computer.

    So I measured how much my DELL would need.

    0,2 Amp @ 230V
    This is when the computer is IDLE and not doing much. When I start up the computer it peaks for a few seconds at 0,3 Amp @ 230V

    So that would be about
    IDLE use: 0,2 * 230 = 46 W
    Max use 0,3 * 230 = 69 W

    I also took a look at the powersupply that came with the DELL when I got it.

    It says it needs 2 Amp @ 230 V, thats about 450 Watt!
    Thats 10x what I measured, but ofcourse 2 Amp is probably the max it would need to drain from the mains.
    So we went on.

    I went to a store nearby and got me a very very cheap Inverter.

    300 W peak at 230 V
    That would be 1,3 Amp @ 230 V... not enough juice for what the label says, but its enough for the 0,2/0,3 Amp what I measured....

    So I went to my car, plugged in the computer to test it out and.. nothing.
    The 230 V drops to about 140/150 V without even the computer starting up.

    So what would you guys recon? I have less then 20 hours to decide what to do without spending to much extra money...
    Are these 3000 kilometers going to be WITH or WITHOUT a carputer?!!

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      Are you getting a "good" 12V or more into the inverter when its on?

      Sound like you either have a faulty inverter or the connection to the battery is not too good. Try connecting it directly to the battery terminals.

      Tried starting the engine as well?