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DSATX turn on problem

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  • DSATX turn on problem

    My DSATX wont turn on my PC anymore.

    It worked fine an hour ago.
    Now, when I apply 12V to ACC the green LED on the M/B flashes briefly (0.2 seconds) and I can hear a tiny chirp (possibly an inductor). If I leave ACC @ 12V this behaviour continues to cycle- 0.2 seconds ON, 0.6 seconds OFF.

    I plugged in a home AC-ATX powersupply and the board powered straight up.
    I used the DSATX to power another motherboard... same behaviour... the board LED/fan turns on for a tiny bit.. then off..then repeats.

    The RED LED on the DSATX does NOT come on during this behaviour, no matter than ACC = 12V (for 1second or more) - in fact, only if I remove the ATX24 pin power cable from the DSATX can I get the DSATX to operate normally (RED LED lit with ACC=12V, Serial communication, etc).

    I wanted to do some stereo testing today.. but maybe tomoz instead.

    EDIT: I came back to the PC (which I left VCC/GND plugged into a 12V battery +/-) after about 30mins, and when I switch ACC on, the PC & fan turned on for about 1 full second. Sounds like something isnt charging properly/rails are failing perhaps?
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