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DC-DC: [email protected] is not enough?

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  • DC-DC: [email protected] is not enough?

    I┤ve done a DC-DC power supply and I got 5 ampers for the 5v section. I thought this was enough to start and use the PC, but it doesn┤t starts. The PC conumes more than 5 ampers and it slows the 5v to 3v. I got a Celeron 500 Mhz, ┐Is this PC too fast? ┐is that why it consumes more than 5 ampers for 5v? ┐Should I change it for a slow one (pentium 200)?
    Please help!

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    Use a celeron 566. It will use half the power
    Or use a celeron 366 or something. The celeron 533 uses the as much power as a celeron 900.
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      well, my P200MMX, just the processor and mobo, draws about 4.2amps tops on the 5volt rail.. chuck in the HD, and CDrom, and we have over 5amps constant being drawn from the 5volt rail.. hmm... 5amps=not enough.. unless you are usin an ATX mobo, and then it should be enough...
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        Thanks for the help!. So you think the problem is not the motherboard. You think that the Celeron 500 mhz procesor consumes too much ampers. Do you think that if I change the procesor it will consumes 5 amp?.