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DC-DC Voltage regulator to power miniPC

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  • DC-DC Voltage regulator to power miniPC

    Hi Guys,
    I'm looking into getting one of the these miniPCs, see below, as it will fit perfectly within the oddments tray above my ashtray, but I am a little curious about powering it. It, similar to a laptop, takes a DC jack in the rear socket (does that sound rude to anyone else? ). The adapter that ships with the unit states 12v 1A on it. Do I really need to spend $90 or more on a device in the mp3car store or will one of these devices be suitable for my needs. Obviously if I can spend as little as $25 I'd certainly be smiling.

    • AMD ‘Geode’ GX533 CPU – 1.1 Watts
    • Laptop Hard Disk up to 120GB
    • DDR333 RAM up to 512MB
    • No internal fans for silent operation
    • VGA, RJ45, 4 x USB 2.0, 2 x USB 1.1
    • Headphone / Mic / Lineout
    • Weight. 1.2 Kg
    • 135mm x 135mm x 35mm (D x W x H)
    • Requires only 5 Watts

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    The converter you linked to only puts out 2500mw.
    So no.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      I don't have the greatest understanding of electricity theory so please feel free to slap me down, however the convertor I liked to mentions 2500milliAmps rather than mW.

      miniPC takes 12V source claims 5W power is usage so isn't this less than 500mA?


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        i highly doubt ANY computer runs at less than 500ma, lol

        usb hard drive i have runs more than that


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          Actually yes it will work.

          That is an AMD Geocode CPU which build incredibly low power devices.

          you do however need to check the input voltage of the PC. if it is 12V in then you dont even need 500mA psu. 2500mA at 12V is 30W.

          Lets break it down:

          the laptop hdd draws a max of 500mA at 5V. that is 2.5W
          the cpu draws 1.1W
          They state the max of 5W giving you 1.4W for the ram and motherboard in there which is bloody efficient but then it is a high efficiency device.

          As long as that psu you gave gives the correct DC out for the Pc then yes it will work but you have to make sure it can survive crank as some laptop dc-dc converts cannot. Also that store is in the uk and i am sure you can find one jsut as cheap in the USA without the high postage.

          My only problem with your whole setup is that i doubt that cpu will run windows and everything else you will want successfully. It is more deisgned for running a dedicated OS not windows or Windows CE or Pocket PC.


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            just to is 5V then you can use the carnetix 5V POL psu and you would need a 1A 5V psu but i would always go higher than the max rating for safety.

            but i very much doubt that would make a good carPC unless you just want it to play mp3's off a linux install or you have a copy of winCE or pocket pc.


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              thanks for the comments scouse, much appreciated.

              I work for Viglen (who sell the mpc) and I've seen these working in the lab, happily chugging away at windows XP windows media player, even streaming xVid movies off of a NAS box without much hassle. But I must admit I can't help wondering how it will cope with mp3 GPS AND odb together.
              But that leads me to another question which I'll ask in the GPS forum.

              by the way, that store is just down the road from me. I'm in soggy Harrow town!


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                cool. how much do they retail at? would be perfect for my home install....


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                  They retail at £249 with XP home, 40GB, laptop hard drive, 256MB RAM